Do you have a transcription project, yet aren’t sure what’s involved?   When it comes to transcription work, I have a process I follow every time – and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!   I’ve provided a quick overview of the process, below.  To find out more about each step, simply click the hyperlinks to read more.

  1. A2Z Transcription Services - Getting StartedProject ReviewMost people have no idea where to start.  They have something they need to accomplish, but getting from point A to point B is not an easy task.  Having my help to get you started is always FREE.  That’s because my goal is to insure you have great success with your project.  Send me an email and let’s discuss your project over some virtual coffee!
  2. TranscriptionNo matter what type of information you’ve recorded, the number of people speaking, or the format of the recording, I help turn it into a format that works. 
  3. Editing.  Every transcribed document must be edited.   Even professional writers have their materials edited.  However, most clients have no idea that editing is not the same as proofreading.
  4. Proofreading.  Once a document’s been edited, now it’s time to proofread, looking for all the spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. 
  5. Formatting.   There is always a purpose for transcribing a document.  If that document is going to be given or shown to anyone else, it needs to have a clean, professional look.

That’s the process from beginning to end.  While it may seem that there’s a lot involved, well, there is!  This is where A2Z Transcription Services steps in.   Send me an email to get your project started!