A2Z Transcription Services - TranscriptionAccording to Dictionary.com, transcription is “representation in writing of the actual pronunciation of a speech sound…”. In English, that means taking what is said and turning it into what is written.

How often have you thought to yourself, “I have this great idea in my head; now if I could only record what I want to say and get it in writing”?  Or perhaps you’re recording a teleseminar or presentation and you need those moments of brilliance captured so you can use them again?  This is exactly what transcription offers.

No matter if your transcription need is legal or general, I can help you turn what you hear into what you read.

Transcription Offerings

Below are the services for which I provide transcription.

  • Legal Transcription. Court documents, including pleadings, forms, contracts and legal correspondence from handwritten documents, copies of documents, tapes, and audio or video files.
  • General Transcription:  All types of documents including correspondence, reports, school papers, and forms.  I work from handwritten originals, copies of documents, tapes, and audio or video files.

Rate:  I charge a flat rate of $25 per hour (minimum 1 hour).  I’ve found that a flat hourly rate is much less expensive than a per audio minute rate.  I encourage you to compare my prices to others.  I think you’ll find that my hourly rate is affordable and reasonable.

Note that while basic spelling and grammar checking is included in this price, editing and formatting, etc. are not.  I charge $25 per hour for these services as well.