A2Z Transcription Services - FormsForms are one of the best ways to gather information in an easy way and keep the information collected consistent.  In other words, forms are a great way to make sure that all the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed.  

The Six Questions About Forms

When you think about your form, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Who is going to use this form?  Consider the job title, knowledge, education level, etc. of the person and make sure the form meets those requirements.
  • What information will the form gather?  Instead of asking endless (often useless) questions, limit the information you need to 5 major points. 
  • When does this form come into play?  Is this something that is filled out daily, weekly, or just as needed?  The more times it has to be filled out, the shorter it needs to be.  (Ask someone to spend 20 minutes a day filling out a form, and you end up with no forms being filled out!) 
  • Where is this form used?  You need to know not only how to get the form completed, but where it will end up and how it will be used once it’s reached its destination.
  • How will the form be filled out?  There’s a big difference in an online versus a “fill-it-out-by-hand” form.  Do you want to use a pencil or a computer?  This is the primary design feature that affects how your form needs to be created.
  • Why do you need this form?  The reason we ask this question last is that most people already have a form in place, or a preconceived notion about what they want.  This is the #1 factor that must be answered.  Why do you have this form or do you need this form developed?  What benefit will the form give to you, your company, etc.?  If you didn’t have the form, what would happen?

Those are a lot of bits and pieces to take into account.  However, a solution by those who have working knowledge of forms usage is pretty straightforward.  

Send me an email about the form you need created, along with the answers to the questions above (or at least your best guess).  I’ll be happy to give you a recommendation that provides just what you want and a solution that fits into your budget.

Time Slip – BEFORE

Time Slip – AFTER