Here are some of the things that people say about A2Z Transcription Services:
Marianne has accurately transcribed thousands of legal documents for me.  She thinks ahead, and takes the initiative to let me know if something doesn’t fit or sound right in my dictation so that a perfect document goes out to the court, the client, or the opposing counsel.  It will be hard to find another professional with Marianne’s high level of proficiency and speed for transcribing, understanding, editing, and proofing — all the way to producing the final document.  Marianne is fully qualified for any transcription project you have — I highly recommend her!
Les Hait, Esq.
Les Hait Law Corporation, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Marianne on numerous projects for my company, Affordable Words, Inc.  She is always available when I need her, the turnaround she provides is fast, and she’s an excellent transcriptionist, editor, and proofreader.  As a professional writer (for myself and others), it is never a good idea to edit/proof your own work.  That’s where Marianne steps in and makes the biggest contribution to my business success.  She finds things I miss (as does the spell check and grammar checker in MS Word), and she reads to fully understand the content. Marianne’s other skill is that she’s a very quick learner.  No matter the topic, she quickly and easily grasps the main concepts and makes valuable suggestions that only made the product better.  This is a skill that is priceless, in my book.   Feel free to contact me at if you would like to know more about Marianne.  I highly recommend her!

Cindy Brock, President
Affordable Words, Inc.

Marianne is one of the most efficient and conscientious executive assistants that I have worked with in the past 20 years. Her experience in the medical and legal fields is vast and I would recommend her to anyone needing assistance in setting up a business, marketing materials, biography or technical documentation.

Keely Smith, President
Medical Benefits Administration, Inc.


Working with Marianne has been inspirational! She has expertly managed many tasks for me from typing many, many documents, to assuring a smooth closure of my medical practice when I retired, to having the central role in preparing 3 of my books for publication. I was amazed at her abilitiy to handle the complicated progression from transcribing, formatting, and organizing the content, including many graphics, to the final product with a beautiful cover, and then proceeding to get it published. The quality of Marianne’s work is outstanding! She is honest, trustworthy and has a high work ethic. I highly recommend her services to anyone who demands exceptional quality!

Donald J. Mangus, MD (retired)

Marianne has earned my confidence; I’ve relied on her good judgment, honesty and dependability as a volunteer at my Wildlife Sanctuary for many years. In addition to her exemplary animal care at the facility, whenever we need a professionally worded and formatted letter sent to our regulating agencies, she’s the one we call. She’s provided clerical help in too many different ways to list here. She’s very serious about her work, and will give you 100% no matter how small the task is. There are very few people that I would ever put at the level Marianne is or recommend as highly, and I am very serious about my recommendations. She sets an extremely high standard of integrity and competence for herself, and encourages everyone she works with to do the same. Anyone who makes the decision to utilize Marianne’s expertise is making a wise choice!

Roberta Kirshner, Executive Director
Barry Kirshner Wildlife Sanctuary