Are you a:

  • writer who likes to put your thoughts into a recorder to make sure they don’t vanish?
  • business or soloprofessional who doesn’t have the staff to get the work done that you need?
  • college student who needs help to get a research paper, report, etc. moving forward?

It’s very common that many people – whether in business or in their personal life – have a need to turn what they say into a format that can be shared with others.

Perhaps it’s a book you’ve wanted to write (and you’re not the world’s best typist), a teleseminar you gave (during which you shared some tremendous insight), or even a collection of notes, thoughts, or ideas (and you’re sure one of these is going to be the start of something big).

It’s hard to imagine how to create a viable product when you only have what you say and know at your disposal.  Then the days, weeks, and months go by and you still don’t have something that you could really use right now.  In fact, it’s probably something that will make you MONEY!

At A2Z Transcription Services, we have truly tried to think of every situation from … well … A to Z!  Whether you need some Articles transcribed or you’re a Zoology major who needs that research paper typed up, we can and will help you reach that goal when you need it and at a price that we’re certain will fit into your budget.

Our process is easy: simply let us know what you need help with.  Don’t worry about all the details because we can explain to you exactly what’s involved.  Honestly, it’s really just a matter of collecting your audio (and we can work with whatever audio format you have), getting it transcribed, and (if necessary) helping you decide what to do with the final product.

At A2Z Transcription Services, we’re sure you’ll find that we offer the widest array of services that meet the needs of the broadest group of people.  From CEO to College Student, you’ll find that the professionalism you want and expect is always delivered by us.